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The Dispensary, Production, Cultivation, Compliance & Career Tools courses are just $90.00 each. If you sign up for our 5-Course Bundle (Cultivation, Production, Dispensary, Career Tools & Compliance), the package is only $360.


For a limited time, during our initial launch, students can access the 5-Course Bundle for only $270 (40% OFF). This rate is not available for payment plans and can only be accessed when making a onetime purchase. There's a small course tax and administrative fee of $9 per courses added at checkout.


Many employers offer discount codes so check with your employer to see if they can save you money on the courses with their custom discount code.

Currently our Essentials Courses cover all “state required” education for compliance, regulations and standard operating procedures to work in any department of the cannabis industry so your certification will prove that you meet the state educational requirements.


The cannabis industry is new and only a few colleges are beginning to offer education in this field. Accredited colleges cost tens of thousands of dollars to attend and take several months to complete and we realize this is not an option for everyone, therefore, we developed this platform to provide all the essential education quickly and affordably.


We are however, in the process of putting together an accredited series of courses for those of you interested. The accredited courses have higher price points and take significantly longer to complete. Click here to learn more about our accredited courses.

All employers are different but one thing they have in common is wanting staff that either have experience, training, education or a combination of the three. This is a highly competitive industry so anything you can do to show experience, training or education shows your commitment level and gives you a better opportunity of landing your dream job.

Most states require the cannabis education and  training but some do not. At Cannabis Community College we believe that anything you can do to understand the industry helps prepare you for success.

You take the training at your leisure (start and stop the training on demand). You can typically complete each department training in as fast as 2- 3 hours and your certification is automatically generated to your student account portal, where you can download and print it.
You can read our Tuition Agreement by clicking here.