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The cannabis industry is currently the fastest growing industry in the world. It has a vast opportunity for quick advancement, with entry level positions moving up to management within the first year of employment. While this opportunity is appealing, it also means there’s a lot of competition, with hundreds (or even thousands) of applicants for 1 available position.

For individuals like you, the best way to compete for these positions is to get certified for your career sector. Whether you’re looking to work at a dispensary, a cultivation growing facility, production kitchen, production lab or get your state’s compliance training, we’ll give you the tools you need to succeed.
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Cannabis Certification Training Courses


Certification in Cannabis Cultivation
Your Instructor:
Evan Marder
Professor of Cultivation

The Cultivation Essentials course is taught by Evan Marder, President of Fleur Cannabis and owner of Redram Consulting.  This course will teach you all cultivation facility essentials necessary to work in every department of the cannabis industry, from grow rooms to dispensaries as it is important, and even required by most states, to understand the cannabis industry from “seed-to-sale.” In this course you will learn the process of growing seeds and clones through a full harvest including drying, curing, trimming, weighing and packaging cannabis.  You’ll learn the industry standards of how to maintain the facility to how to handle the plant throughout its life cycle and you’ll be learning from an organic grower so you will gain an understanding of the unique process to grow this high quality product.

Industry expertise: 

President of Evergreen Organix / Ego Brands / Fleur Cannabis


Certification in Cannabis Dispensary
Your Instructor:
Brenda Gunsallus
Professor of Dispensary

The Dispensary Essentials course is taught by Brenda Gunsallus, award winning dispensary owner and operator.  This course will teach you all the dispensary essentials necessary to work in any department of the cannabis industry from grow facilities to dispensaries, as it is important, and even required by most states, to understand the cannabis industry from “seed-to-sale.” In this course you will gain a very comprehensive understanding about the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids, terpenes, all the  various strains and their medicinal value and all aspects of working in a dispensary from security to budtending.  You’ll learn the process of working a dispensary from the opening of the day to closing including how to provide the most optimal customer experience.

Industry expertise: 

Co-founder Desert Aire Wellness, LLC, Sahara Wellness and CannaStarz


Certification in Cannabis Production
Your Instructor:
Jordan Annalora
Professor of Extracts

The Production Essentials course is taught by Jordan Annalora, Head Extraction Technician at Body and Mind, Las Vegas, NV.  This course will teach you all the production extracts essentials necessary to work in a production facility. You’ll learn all of the components of working at a production facility, including but not limited to: packaging, inventory, kitchen, quality assurance, shipping, compliance, and security.

Industry expertise: 

Head Extraction Technician, Body and Mind, Las Vegas, NV


Certification in Cannabis Compliance

Your Instructors:

Nova Cobble & Conor Gorman
Professors of Compliance

Compliance is notably the most important aspect of working in the cannabis industry because every process of any job in cannabis is dictated by compliance regulations and state approved standard operating procedures.  Failure to operate every industry related task according to state regulated compliance can result in very expensive fines, license suspension and even the loss of the cannabis license to operate and/or imprisonment.  Experts Nova Cobble and Conor Gorman instruct this comprehensive training course in state-level compliance.

Industry expertise: 

Medical Cannabis Patient Educator
Adjunct Instructor in Medical Cannabis Science

Cultivating your career

Certification in Cannabis Career

Your Instructor:

Bryan Olson
Professor of Professional Development

In this course, expert Bryan Olson teaches you how to draft a winning resume, the importance of a well drafted cover letter, how to ace your interviews, and achieve promotions to fast track the process of transforming  your cannabis job into your dream career.

Industry expertise: 

Chief People & Administrative Officer /
Chief Compliance Officer at Columbia Care


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