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The Dispensary Essentials course is taught by Brenda Gunsallus, Co-founder of Desert Aire Wellness, LLC (“Desert Aire”) and its sister company Circle S Farms, LLC (“Circle S”). This course will teach you all the essentials necessary to work in every department of a dispensary, from customer service, budtender, delivery and dispatch, security, and management/administration. In this course you will learn what to expect and compliance for the customer’s experience, working at a dispensary including payment, cash register procedures, dealing with counterfeit bills, roles of the retail manager, and closing procedures. Learn about delivery dispatch and intake including incoming delivery, chain of custody, role of the inventory manager, inventory counting procedures, and reconciling inventory. Security and safety procedures include learning about the role of the security associate, training, restricted access areas, theft prevention, supervising visitors, exterior security monitoring, exterior signage, and the role of the compliance agent. Last, we’ll learn about all of the roles and responsibilities of management and administration.


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