Brenda Gunsallus


Brenda Gunsallus

Professor of Dispensary

Professional Life, Before Cannabis (BC)

Prior to starting her career in the legal cannabis industry, Brenda Gunsallus owned and operated tennis, swim and golf facilities in Charlotte North Carolina.  During that time, Gunsallus gained a vast and diverse knowledge of owning a business and running the day to day operations.  The business provider her expert insight into customer service as well as managing employees and the devotion that it takes to run a successful company. 

What prompted the move to cannabis professionally?

“I simply made the switch to the cannabis industry due to the patients and the power of the plant.” 

Professional Enlightenment, After Destigmatization (AD)

Passionate about creating a more empathetic marijuana experience and industry, Brenda partnered with Stacey Huffman and Darlene “Alex” Davis to form the all-female owned Desert Aire Wellness, LLC (“Desert Aire”) and its sister company Circle S Farms, LLC (“Circle S”). Desert Aire opened up its storefront location, Sahara Wellness, in 2016, serving the medical marijuana market. It focused on an individualized experience where Wellness Guides spend time with each patient and took the time to know them as individuals. Desert Aire’s pre-recreational market moto, “patients over profits” epitomizes its desire to take care of individuals and make them feel safe and secure. Brenda’s desire to care for people, and not for people’s money, has led her to be known as one of the most compassionate marijuana establishment owners in town.

As Brenda’s compassion and passion lent well to the medical marijuana market, her experience in customer service has made the transition to the recreational marijuana market seamless. Brenda continues to focus on the experience of the customer, as well as operating a pristine, compliant business.

Via Circle S, Brenda is able to tailor products to requests from customers. The direct line from cultivation to production to storefront provides a diverse product inventory that responds immediately to changes in customer needs and desires.

Brenda’s passion for the industry has moved beyond sales and catering to customers. At the direction of Brenda, Sahara Wellness offers monthly educational classes, free of charge, to all consumers, whether they are a customer or not. Brenda. and her partner Alex, founded Women Supporting Women. an interest and support group dedicated to populating the marijuana industry with knowledgeable, successful women.

Through Circle S and Desert Aire. Brenda has set up several community initiatives. She organizes quarterly food and water drives for the homeless. where she also solicits donations from vendors and customers, as well as employees. Patient appreciation days offer quarterly cook outs with educational material on hand. She also hosts holiday dinners for patients, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Brenda is extremely concerned about the access of marijuana to veterans. a class of consumer who need attention most from the marijuana industry. Brenda and her companies are supporters and contributors of Blissful Vets. Additionally. Brenda has implemented a discount program for veterans.

Future Goals:

“My future goal is to continue to advocate for the industry and give back to the community as well as expand to other markets.”

Why I choose her

Chairman, Christi McAdams, attended Nevada’s first professional cannabis networking event where she met Brenda Gunsallus in 2015. After working together in several capacities since then, McAdams couldn’t think of a more well qualified candidate to teach the dispensary courses. Her activism for medical patience and attention to budtender knowledge is unparalleled.

Brenda’s industry expertise: 

Co-founder Desert Aire Wellness, LLC

Brenda's courses


  • Customer Experience
  • Working at a Dispensary
  • Delivery dispatch and intake
  • Security and safety
  • Management/Administration
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