How our cannabis certification training courses

influence your business success

Cannabis Community College has created programs that help businesses thrive by training their employees and providing certification programs like Compliance, Cultivation, Dispensary and Production.

Achieve your business goals


Your business operations need to be up-do-date with all state, federal, and international cannabis compliance regulations. Our Compliance courses are state-specific and align with all current regulations.

Talent retention and acquisition

You’ve got great employees and now you can help them achieve their career goals by offering certification programs that fit their needs and desires. Having a solid training program will not only help keep your top talent, but also create a company culture that will attract top talent in the cannabis industry.

Marketing benefits

Market your business and show the world that you care for your clients and customers by ensuring your employees’ skills and knowledge are top-notch. Develop your product benefits with the added value of knowledge with our cannabis certification training programs.

Increase revenue

As always, a well-informed and trained employee will increase revenue when they can articulate everything they know about your products and the industry to your customers.

Business pricing is available for the following

Cannabis Certification Training Programs


  • Introduction to cultivation facilities
  • Let’s talk plants!
  • Pest control
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Trimming
  • Order fulfillment
  • Lab testing

See additional details on the Cultivation course page


  • Customer Experience
  • Working at a Dispensary
  • Delivery dispatch and intake
  • Security and safety
  • Management/Administration

See additional details on the Dispensary course page


  • Working at a Production Facility
  • Production Facility requirements
  • Cannabinoids and terpenes for Production Agents
  • Lab safety and PPE
  • Extraction methods
  • Lab testing
  • Packaging, labeling, and advertising
  • Transporting
See additional details on the Production course page


  • Know your state
  • Employee requirements
  • Facility requirements
  • Lab testing
  • Packaging, labeling, and advertising
  • Transporting

See additional details on the Compliance course page

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