Master Your Mindset: Think and Grow Rich

In my opinion, the ultimate mindset book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book teaches techniques to help expand your thoughts, become creative, and master your mindset to achieve not only career success but anything you desire for your life.

What I especially enjoyed about this book is that the author interviews many of the most successful barons of industry and through feedback from them on how they became successful, Hill gives us real-life practical applications to develop our conscious energy and control our mindset to create the life we desire. Some of the concepts for developing this mindset are far out, but they are fun – and they work!

Imagine that you could create your own board of directors featuring anyone in the world, living or deceased. Who would you choose? Envision how creating your ideal dream team board would massively impact the success of your business.

Now do it.

Seriously, choose 5 – 11 people that would bring the most value to you and your business. Now get to know those individuals by reading any books they have published, their biographies and/or books they recommend. These materials are insight directly into the minds and the genius of the author.

After that, have monthly meetings with your imaginary board of directors. Tell them the problems you are having with the company. Tell them your vision of where you want to end up. Ask for advice on growing and evolving your business. Then just wait to see the flood of ideas that will just come to you within minutes and throughout the following days and weeks.

The above is only one example of the plethora of exercises Hill details on how to foster your creativity to achieve the life you desire. I had my imaginary board of directors’ images turned into colorful illustrations, which I then framed and hung in my office for inspiration. Each week, I will reveal one of my imaginary board members and their beliefs in the power of mindset.

Visualization and manifestations are common themes that cannot be ignored and the beauty is, we all, no matter our station in life, have the ability to tap into our minds and master our mindset.