Beth York


Beth York

Director of Social Media and Technologies

Beth York is an experienced digital executive with proven success in leveraging emerging technologies and digital marketing.  Beth has a diverse background in marketing and has helped launch digital media and influencer strategies with some of the world’s most iconic brands. 

Prior to Cannabis Community College, Beth served as the Director of Digital Marketing for a national marketing agency, then as a Marketing evangelist at a booming marketing start-up.  Beth has guest-hosted several national podcasts and has spoken at many of the country’s largest summits and tech conferences including Moz-Con and presented with Google and Facebook.

Beth serves as the Director of Social Media and Technologies for Cannabis Community College providing leadership and strategies to the teams in those departments.  Beth has worked with Cannabis Community College since it was founded in 2020 wearing many hats and providing expertise and assistance wherever it was needed for the growth and success of the organization.  She is a staple amongst our CCC  community.