Erin Willis


Erin Willis

Community Engagement Specialist

Professional Life, Before Cannabis (BC)

Erin Willis graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and continued her work in the field as a dietetic assistant and marketing manager. Later Willis worked with a non-profit focused on teaching children basic cooking skills and techniques as well as the importance of quality nutrition for healthy living. 

What prompted the move to cannabis professionally?

“I switched to the cannabis industry from the dietetic path because I saw an opportunity for cannabis to be an integral part of an integrative approach to holistic health.. Not only because cannabis is a superfood, but also the endocannabinoid system has nutritional needs which many of us are depleted of. There is a place (and major opportunity) for nutritionists in the cannabis wellness industry.”

Professional Enlightenment, After Destigmatization (AD)

Willis entered the cannabis industry as a content creator and blogger under the pen name of ‘Mother Indica’. There, she shared her personal experience of supplementing cannabis postpartum to help manage depression and anxiety. The more She learned about cannabis from a nutritional perspective, the more she wanted to teach about it. In 2018 Willis became a Certified Cannabis Coach and began integrating the medicine in her nutrition practice. Today I still work as a nutritionist and a cannabis community builder and educator. 

Future Goals:

I would like to help cause a ripple effect in the nutrition industry by approaching cannabis as a superfood and plant medicine. To publish a book would be amazing.

Industry expertise: 

Certified Cannabis Coach
Certified Integrative Health Coach
BS in Nutrition and Dietetics