Jordan Annalora


Jordan Annalora

Professor of Extracts
Jordan Annalora is the Head Extraction Technician at the production facility for Body and Mind in Las Vegas, Nevada.  BAM is a multistate operator with cultivation and production licenses in 4 states. Annalora started out with the company since its inception in 2015, where he began in the cultivation facility.  In cultivation he was able to obtain a deep understanding of the growing process and he believes that, that experience most notably supported his career in the extraction lab as it exemplified the importance of maintaining the grow facility to ensure quality and safe practices of cannabis extractions for both solvent and solventless, distillation, and remediation methods. Annalora has an extensive knowledge base regarding various strains, consistencies, and production of cannabis concentrates.  His passion for cannabis drives the BAM mission of providing Nevada’s cannabis market with consistently clean, high quality products.  

Building relationships

Cannabis Community College chairman, Christi McAdams, worked alongside BAM as they both were getting their production labs ready for commencement by the state of Nevada.  Christi’s staffing agency has also provided temporary and permanent labor for both the BAM cultivation and production facility since 2018.  BAM, Director of Operation, Alex Fox, is a big proponent of workplace education and educating up and coming employees of the cannabis industry.  It was a no-brainer for McAdams to offer the position to Jordan, after having such a long-standing success business relationship with BAM who has a reputation of excellence among industry peers.

Industry expertise: 

Head Extraction Technician, Body and Mind, Las Vegas

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  • Working at a Production Facility
  • Production Facility requirements
  • Cannabinoids and terpenes for Production Agents
  • Lab safety and PPE
  • Extraction methods
  • Lab testing
  • Packaging, labeling, and advertising
  • Transporting
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