Rachael Varga


Rachael Varga

Web designer/developer

Rachael Varga recently founded Moonlit, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses with their digital marketing efforts and goals. Moonlit offers digital marketing expertise for web design, graphic design, web development, email marketing, paid media, SMS marketing, post video production, and much more.  

Rachael has more than 20 years of experience in marketing – starting at a small land survey company in 2001 as their marketing manager. She moved into the real estate business in 2004, after being highly recommended for their position in the marketing department. After 8 years of working in real estate and holding many positions like IT Manager, Social media manager, web and print designer, model home photographer, and much more, Rachael changed industries in 2009 when she moved into the travel industry as a Program Development Manager, leading the marketing department. Throughout her tenure, she helped boost marketing revenue and achieve marketing goals by creating strategies to move the company into the digital marketing space with websites, landing pages, email, paid media, social, SMS and more. She led the creative teams to support company-wide digital marketing efforts with all of their brands.

Cannabis Community College chairman, Christi McAdams, was introduced to Rachael by a trusted mentor who has contracted her services for well over a decade and highly recommended her services.  At first, Rachael  joined the CCC team to provide web development for the newly launched platform but she ended up also providing a plethora of other services from marketing and branding collateral to video production. Now Rachael spearheads the CCC marketing department. 

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