Emerging Brands

Q&A with Christina Wong: Founder & CEO of Fruit + Flower Co.

The cannabis food and drink category are exploding: The cannabis food and drink category are exploding. Demand for edibles, as well as experiences like infused dinners, has skyrocketed…

Q&A with Elise McRoberts: Founder of Hashinista.

Elise McRoberts knows a thing or two about what makes a brand tic: In the emerging cannabis market, strong branding is crucial to standing out from the crowd.…

MJBizCon LemonHaze 22

Emerging Cannabis Company Q&A: Lemonhaze at MJBizCon 2022

MJBizCon 2022: Lemonhaze Executive Golf Tournament Having been in the cannabis industry since 2013, I have been attending MJBizCon since the beginning. It has been exciting and interesting…

Interview with Hadas Cohen: COO of Powder Nation (It's All About Choices)

Interview with Hadas Cohen, COO of Powder Nation

Parent Company of It’s All About Choices The cannabis industry is continually evolving. New innovations are popping up all the time, designed to meet the needs of any…


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