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This program was designed by industry professionals to help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to start you cannabis cultivation career. You’ll learn cannabis basics, along with industry best practices that will allow you to quickly walk into a role in a grow facility. When you’ve finalized your training, you’ll be awarded a fully accredited certificate from Cannabis Community College. Upon completion of this certificate, you’ll be able to:
  • Define compliance and operational excellence
  • Analyze proper knowledge of plant botany and genetics
  • Identify soil, growing media, and watering essentials
  • Understand the harvest, processing, and packaging best practices
  • Optimize health and safety procedures

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Evan Marder

Professor of Cultivation


We’ll give you the knowledge and tools to start your career in the cannabis industry.

We’ll cover the requirements specific to cultivation facilities as well as the kinds of job roles that are available. 

  • Parts of a cannabis plant
  • Plant life cycle
  • Terpenes and cannaboids
  • Growing methods
  • Introduction to nutrients

We’ll discuss an integrated pest management plan and what kind of pesticides are legal for use in your state. 

We’ll cover all the common types of PPE found each cultivation facilities. 

In this section, we’ll go over what a trimmer does, different kinds of trimming and the different grades or categories of flower.

We’ll cover the different unit conversions you should know to work in the cannabis industry, packaging regulations and labeling regulations. 

We’ll cover what testing labs do, how the process works, and how to read a certificate of analysis.


In addition to getting certified, join our community and we’ll give you the tools you need to build AND maintain your career. Throughout this program, you can meet other members, share insights, and access a wealth of knowledge and resources. This doesn’t stop once you’ve been certified. Many of our graduates keep in touch, sharing industry information and new developments in this ever-changing field .

Certifications in all 40 legal states

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We keep you up-to-date on all the changes in the cannabis industry, as regulations change, so do our courses. There are several ways to register, you can take each course individually – in Cultivation, Manufacturing, Dispensary, Compliance, Career,  or you can register for  all of our courses in our 5-course bundle (and it’ll save you 40%).

Frequently asked questions

Each course is just $99.00. If you take all 3 courses currently offered (Cultivation, Production & Dispensary), the package will be $279. These prices include $9.00 in registration taxes and fees.

Many employers offer discount codes so check with your employer to see if they can save you money on the course.

College accredited courses are unavailable due to the Federal laws. However, Cannabis Community College works on the state level with the governing body to provide their required curriculum including state laws, regulations, compliance, standard operating procedures and technical training based on each department. In many states we are an “Approved Responsible Vendor” for education.
All employers are different but one thing they have in common is wanting staff that either have experience, training, education or a combination of the three. This is a highly competitive industry so anything you can do to show experience, training or education shows your commitment level and gives you a better opportunity of landing your dream job.
Many states require the training but some do not. At Cannabis Community College we believe that anything you can do to understand the industry helps prepare you for success.
You take the training at your leisure. You can complete each department training in as fast as 2 hours and your certification is automatically generated to your email.
You can read our Tuition Agreement by clicking here.