Dispensary Training Course

Here, you’ll learn about state and federal laws regarding cannabis cultivation, possession, and consumption. 

In addition, we’ll go over working with patients, purchasing limits, product varieties, and so much more! Once you have completed the training course, you will be given a test on the material covered, which includes information from both the Compliance and Dispensary video presentations.

Passing this test with a 70% or higher will result in your certificate of completion being generated. Let’s get started!

What You'll Learn in This Course


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Choose your state below to register for dispensary training.  This course is $99.  

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Get certified in Production, Dispensary and Cultivation and get a discount!


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Each course is just $99.00. If you take all 3 courses currently offered (Cultivation, Production & Dispensary), the package will be $279.  These prices include $9.00 in registration taxes and fees.

Many employers offer discount codes so check with your employer to see if they can save you money on the course.

College accredited courses are unavailable due to the Federal laws.  However, Cannabis Community College works on the state level with the governing body to provide their required curriculum including state laws, regulations, compliance, standard operating procedures and technical training based on each department.  In many states we are an “Approved Responsible Vendor” for education.

All employers are different but one thing they have in common is wanting staff that either have experience, training, education or a combination of the three.  This is a highly competitive industry so anything you can do to show experience, training or education shows your commitment level and gives you a better opportunity of landing your dream job.

Many states require the training but some do not.  At Cannabis Community College we believe that anything you can do to understand the industry helps prepare you for success. 

You take the training at your leisure.  You can complete each department training in as fast as 2 hours and your certification is automatically generated to your email.