Master Your Mindset: Mark ZuckerBerg

Master Your Mindset #10:

Think and Grow Rich: Imaginary Board Member #5
Mark Zuckerberg: Always be Evolving

From one of the self-help exercises in Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, my imaginary board member #5 is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and chairman of Facebook (aka Meta). 

Having owned Facebook now for about 18 years, literally half his life, Mark Zuckerberg has established himself as a business leader whose platform is ALWAYS evolving.  One of our greatest gift as humans is the ability to evolve but in business evolving is a necessity for survival.  For Facebook, however, evolving hasn’t been just about surviving it has been about thriving.  

Facebook is a Master at Building, Growing and Evolving

There have been and still are some great companies out there. Unfortunately, most either crash and burn, sell or eventually become stagnant because they have reached their financial goals.  As an entrepreneur myself, I get it.  But, I am so impressed by companies and their leaders, who are excited about growing, evolving, and continuing to add layers to their businesses.  Facebook is a master at this! 

We serial entrepreneurs get the biggest high from turning an idea into a reality that is used and appreciated by other people.  The thing I admire about Zuckerberg is that all the innovations are used to expand on the same platform. This has created a business empire with 3.7 billion users on one of Meta’s apps. That is literally almost 50% of mankind! I’ve done the math, and the only more popular entity than Facebook is God (the one representing every religion) because the Christian God only has 2.2 billion followers.  

Facebook in a Connector and Global Data Collector

Facebook is a place that connects us all: our family, friends, colleagues, and people we would like to know or just enjoy following.  BUT it is also SO much more than that.  It is the BIGGEST global data collector where consumers willingly share every detail of their lives.  Not just that, but the platform is a record of history! Imagine being able to look up your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and everyone else. I bet this is coming. and Me meets Facebook.  Holy cow, the opportunities are endless and if Facebook’s track record is any indicator, we can expect great things to come!

Zuckerberg is brilliant.  I’ve read the books he suggests.  I watch the growth of Facebook.  I see the people he surrounds himself with.  Each of the members of his actual board of directors are brilliant in their own right. He too signed the Giving Pledge with his wife Priscilla who by the way, is his college sweetheart.  They stated, “We will spend our lives working to make future generations have the greatest opportunities possible…… advancing human potential and promoting equity drives our work.”

What I Ask Zuckerberg in My Imaginary Board Meetings

In my imaginary board meetings, I ask Zuckerberg for advice on strategically growing our educational platform to connect users worldwide for their own advancement in quality of life, that of their families and future generations.  To be clear, I consider things that impact our quality of life to range from having easy access to information, products, or services all the way to making a living and connecting with like-minded people.

Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg, for evolving Facebook from a “who’s hot and who’s not” platform into a worldwide connector and for teaching us that having a mindset to always be evolving is our single greatest tool for business success. 

– Christi McAdams